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The Golf Business Podcast brings you a new piece of original, curated, informative content to help your golf course business thrive and grow.

This podcast is supported by Yamaha Golf Cars, the Official Golf Car Partner of NGCOA.

Feb 26, 2020

This episode's Owner to Owner segment features Whitey O'Malley of Saddleback Golf Club and Rock Lucas of Charwood Country Club discussing off-season dynamic pricing results, various types of dynamic pricing, and the importance of the NGCOA's Beware of Barter report. (

For House Chat, Steve Mona,...

Feb 13, 2020

For Inside Golf Business, Bill Rehanek, senior vice president of operations for Billy Casper Golf, discusses the importance of safety training for employees. The topic was part of a featured story in the January 2020 issue of Golf Business magazine (

Dale Merritt, CEO and managing member of Golfpay,...