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The Golf Business Podcast brings you a new piece of original, curated, informative content to help your golf course business thrive and grow.

This podcast is supported by Yamaha Golf Cars, the Official Golf Car Partner of NGCOA.

Sep 28, 2021

In this Owner to Owner segment, Cathy Harbin, PGA, LPGA , Pine Ridge Golf Club, NGCOA Board of Directors Secretary, and At-Large Director for the PGA Board of Directors along with Del Ratcliffe, PGA, Ratcliffe Golf Services, Inc, NC and 2021 NGCOA Don Rossi Award dig into motivating and gaining buy-in from a small staff with reluctant customers to help push the fundamental things that a golf course has to do well such as obtaining customer data, email campaigns, constantly promoting upcoming events, selling memberships or annual passes, forming leagues and more!

 In this Inside Golf Business segment, Lucas Boyd, President & Matt Brost, Executive Vice President of Boyd, Shackelford, Barnett & Dixon, LLC (BSBD Group), the NGCOA Insurance Services provider, discuss how NGCOA member golf courses can obtain comprehensive and cost-effective property casualty services, medical (pharmacy, dental and vision), and life Insurance and disability income protection. The BSBD Group has the ability to create unique programs for both the smallest of golf courses and golf management companies with large portfolios.